Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Open Source Support Program by OTA

The Open Technology Assembly (OTA), formerly known as Belgian Unix Users Group, is a non-profit organisation which main goal was to promote and organise meetings around Unix and Open Source in general (mainly more than a decade ago). Over the years the Internet took over so that the interest in our meetings declined and finally we stopped organise meetings altogether. However, as a non-profit organisation we would like to do something useful such as supporting and funding new open source related projects.

The Open Technology Assembly (OTA) will open an Open Source Support program to apply for funding. It would be nice that the chosen Open Source projects owners submit a (lightning) talk for next year's FOSDEM, however, it is not obliged. We will also organise an independent jury to go over the submitted projects and make a list of the projects which will get funding. Before FOSDEM starts we will have web pages explaining most of the details.


Photo of Gratien D'haese Gratien D'haese