Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


AMENDMENT Just-in-Time Programming

Considering Liveness in Java

A few thoughts on the trials and tribulations of building a just-in-time programming system in Java. But wait, isn’t it a JIT-compiled language anyway? Job done … next talk … no, wait...

Java may have JIT-compiled bytecode, and that makes it a useful tool for this endeavour, but that doesn’t get us from source code to running code. And anyway, there’s far more to a useful just-in-time programming system than just getting code running.

PraxisLIVE is a hybrid-visual IDE for live programming. At its heart is PraxisCORE, a forest-of-actors runtime for real-time programming, bringing aspects of Erlang, SmallTalk and Extempore into the Java world. We’ll explore the inter-relationship of liveness and feedback between runtimes and tools … possibly with the help of a few bleepy noises!

Please note that this replaces a talk on "TerosHDL - Open Source IDE for FPGA Developers" by Carlos Alberto.


Photo of Neil C Smith Neil C Smith