Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Running virtual machines out of thin air

How to run virtual machines in oVirt without copying their disks.

Have you ever wanted to run your virtual machine in oVirt without copying its hugh disks? Tired of checking the slow transfer progress? We did, and we have a good plan to avoid the wait!

In this talk we show how oVirt can start virtual machine without copying the disks, using external disk via NBD or other protocols supported by qemu. Once the virtual machine is running, copy the disks in the background to oVirt storage. This minimizes downtime to seconds instead of minutes, and can be used in many scenarios such as importing virtual machines from other systems (even from foreign systems via virt-v2v), previewing backups before restore, and provisioning a virtual machines.

Audience: Virtualization administrators or developers interested in oVirt architecture and would like a peek into future development.


Photo of Nir Soffer Nir Soffer
Photo of Daniel Erez Daniel Erez