Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


A small, FRP DSL for distributed systems

Mgmt Config: More about our language

Mgmt is a next gen config management tool that takes a fresh look at existing automation problems. The tool has two main parts: the engine, and the language. This presentation will have a large number of demos of the language. The language is a minimalistic, functional, reactive DSL. It was designed to both constrain the user with safe types, and no core looping constructs, but also to empower the user to build powerful real-time distributed systems. This year we will expand on last years talk by showing more of the core language features like classes, functions, closures and more! Finally we'll talk about some of the future designs we're planning and make it easy for new users to get involved and help shape the project.


Photo of James Shubin James Shubin