Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Reach for the Clouds With OpenSIPS 3.0

A major release focused on the DevOps mindset

Tune in and get up-to-date with the philosophy and features behind the major version shift in the latest OpenSIPS 3.0 release.

OpenSIPS 3.0 embraces the cloud movement with open arms and aims to be easier to deploy and a lot more enjoyable to maintain. You can now automate routing logic updates to hundreds of instances with a single click, thanks to the long-awaited ability to reload the routing script which is finally here!

Individual running instances of OpenSIPS 3.0 are now capable of automatically upscaling or downscaling themselves according to the volume of traffic that is running through them. By auto-forking more SIP worker processes during peak day hours and un-forking them at night, OpenSIPS 3.0 maintains steady performance while minimizing the costs of the cloud instances which host it.

Say goodbye to "opensipsctl" and meet the new Python3-based tool for managing 3.x instances: "opensips-cli". While retaining the majority of features of its predecessor, opensips-cli builds upon them, adding an intuitive way of interacting with multiple instances, the ability to filter, trace and troubleshoot specific calls which take place on any of them or to ask for an instance diagnosis, which will instantly pinpoint issues such as insufficient memory, slow SQL/NoSQL service, slow DNS service, overflowing UDP queues and many more!

Presented by Liviu Chircu and Răzvan Crainea


Photo of Liviu Chircu Liviu Chircu