Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


MaadiX, your cloud in your hands

Tool Kit and Graphical interface for VPS management

Avoiding repressive surveillance, circumventing censorship and protecting privacy can become a complicated and costly challenge. Many of the available alternatives do not completely solve the problem of trust, centralization of information and dependency on whoever is offering the services to us. Initiatives that offer alternative tools often become targets of censorship and repressive surveillance. Others do not include all the services the community needs, or require a minimum of technical knowledge, forcing organizations to continue using applications offered by third parties or renounce them.

MaadiX is a solution that reverses this imbalance in favor of users, giving them back control over their communications and data, as well as over all the applications they need in order to process them, facilitating the technical adoption and maintenance of server-side, privacy-oriented, secure, and censorship circumvention technologies.

MaadiX provides one click installation of advanced free and open source applications such as email server, mailman 3, openVPN, RocketChat. Owncloud, Nextcloud, OnlyOffice. Libre Office Online among many others, on remote or local private servers, without the need to have access to their system and data, and providing updates and technical support.

MaadiX acts as a repository of 'recipes' that provides all the instructions and commands needed to automatically install and configure applications from a graphical interface.

The catalogs are served through Puppet modules but we've changed the way these technologies works, improving them in order to avoid creating yet another centralized google-like model and avoiding having access to users' systems and data.

MaadiX has been reviewed by external security auditors. We would like to dicuss with the audience how to better deal with the balance between security and usability and share how MaadiX works as well as which community is actually around the project or is using it.


Photo of Maddish Falzoni (MaadiX) Maddish Falzoni (MaadiX)