Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Zyre: p2p messaging to fuck the cloud

Pieter Hintjens last IOT project

Pieter Hintjens last IOT project, running OpenWRT and the Zyre p2p library.

Zyre has the potential to change the cloud paradigm, with auto-discovery inside the LAN, and without any requirement of an internet connectivity.

Your TV can then discover your fridge.

3 years ago, I was working with Pieter Hintjens, main author of ZeroMQ and organiser of the IOT devroom, on a demo setup for his last conference at IOT Munich.

When he came back from Munich, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

We demonstrated a pile of OpenWRT routers blinking LED lamps in an orchestrated way.

Most of my work included assembling the hardware, writing OpenWRT packages, making a CI/CD for the devices.

I will show how to build OpenWRT packages with new cluster technologies, like Kubernetes.


Photo of Benjamin Henrion (zoobab) Benjamin Henrion (zoobab)