Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Free software in education

News on tools and developments for free software and data liberation in schools

Schools is where IT and software users of tomorrow are made, and next to teaching digital skills, educating on privacy and consequences of the use of different types of software and servcies plays an important role. We would like to report on various projects from the field.

Helping schools and teachers with using free software is far more involved than just selling a product. Where big companies have huge budgets for advertising and marketing, free software projects have to attract educators with the power of the community.

The most exciting upside of this is that our community does not only sell a product, but wants to get people involved. One of the benefits of free software for educators is that all our community goals play into their hands - free software is the basis of extending independence, democracy and all values modern schools are supposed to convey into the digital lives of students.

As a person or project getting involved with free software in education, there are many challenges and opportunities. Teckids and the projects around it have collected experience from the work with schools, teachers, political decision makers and free software developers that we would like to share with the community.


Photo of Dominik George Dominik George
Photo of Niels Hradek Niels Hradek