Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


AMENDMENT The Space Operations Facility of FH Aachen (FHASOF)

The role of freely available and open-source software in the daily operations

The space operations facility is a multi-mission ham ground station located at Aachen / Germany, which is operated by students. We perform Telemetry, Tracking, and command of own but also for foreign amateur radio satellites on a best effort basis for a purely educational purpose. Because we obtain only a very limited amount of funding, we entierly rely on the use of freeware and open-source software and the "do it yourself experience". In this talk, we explain why we integrate and how we use open-source software in our daily operations and what is our user experience from a missions-operator point of view.

This timeslot was originally for talk Channel Equalization using GNU Radio. That talk is now at 10:00 AM due to a last minute timing conflict.


Photo of Sacha Tholl Sacha Tholl
Hannah Walther