Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Open Source design - Africa

Open Source Design movement in Africa

Open Source Community Africa (O.S.C.A) is a movement that promotes and drive the open source culture within and across Africa. We aim to bridge the diversity gap of the open source culture through advocacy because of potential and great energy coming from the continent. This presentation will help put the African ecosystem closer to the existing platforms which will bring more diversity that includes representing the black/African community showcasing how mentorship and training are doing centred around opensource.

This presentation will cover the challenges and limitations of design contributions from Africa. What OSCA is doing to bridge the gab. As a designer who has been in the space of contributing to open source and has faced the challenges of how to convince a maintainer why design is as important as code, there has always been this problem which I have personally experienced as one who loves opensource, I got to understand the processes because I was patient enough to learn about the structure to influence it, but not every designer have that mindset to leave their comfort zone. So what I have been able to do as a designer is to influence the open source community Africa to take this challenge as a project as I believe it is something that designers should learn as a process of collaboration.


Photo of Peace Ojemeh Peace Ojemeh