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09:00 Integrating Voice through Adhearsion Introducing LibreOffice 4.0 Welcome openbarter, a possible solution for ecological regulation Meet the smalltalkers, show us your project L20N Relicensing libVLC and VLC modules from GPL to LGPL Handling acyclic graphs with liblarch Wine Keynote
  Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers
09:15 Welcome in the MySQL & Friends Devroom 2013
  The Upgrade of the LibreOffice Template Repository
09:30 State of the OpenStack Union, 2013 5 Percona Toolkit tools that could save your day Pandora - a mobile Linux computer including gaming controls Set your domain up to be a Persona Identity Provider Research / Data Analyst
  SIP is hard, let's go shopping!
  How to ensure that eGovernment forms are compatible with Free Software?
10:00 Samba4 Scaling PHP with HipHop Actionaz: Automation for everyone OpenStack: 21st Century App Architecture and Cloud Operations Making a Hackerspace Smart systemd in Debian Simple introduction to LibreOffice QA What’s new in MySQL Tools and Techniques for Higher Reliability Software Event Triggers Étoilé: Bringing Dynamic Languages to Static Environments Gecko's asynchronous compositing architecture State of the GNUnion Detect merge conflicts in realtime Wine for Users Invokedynamic: Tales from the Trenches NoSQL and Big Data for Devops: Large scale deployment with Puppet and Maven
  Propelling Asterisk into new SIP grounds
10:15 How GNOME Obsoleted its "Enable Accessibility" Setting
  I’m Luvin’ It General easy hacks for new hackers
10:30 Apache CloudStack features and tools Why you no host? Hardening MySQL LPI Exam Session 3 Hacking Firefox made easy datastore - a key-value store layer of abstraction
  FluxBB Widget Layout, tutorial Continuous Integration and Testing in Games
10:45 OpenSIPS at the core of a distributed and maintainable VoIP platform
  Android 292
11:00 Firefox OS Static site generation for the masses EDE, a light desktop environmnent Getting Started Hacking on OpenNebula Enabling better device interaction with accelerometers Can Linux network configuration suck less? A method for distributing applications independent from the distro KDE libraries for Qt application developers Automated MySQL failover with MHA: getting started & moving past its quirks Ada on Android PostGIS 2.0 and beyond State of Pharo Women and Challenges in Open Source Projects Legally Cementing Licences in Legislation Lessons learned from creating pleasurable libraries like RQ Mono Development for Wine Go on NetBSD HBase Sizing Notes
  Managing your metal flexibly Debugging calc filter problems
11:30 Enabling cloud for e-Science with OpenNebula MSRP and SIP over WebSocket in Kamailio Troubleshooting MySQL performance What's new in CSS? Get a Python job, work on OpenStack
  Do you want to measure your project? How to debug Writer file format issues? OpenJDK Lambda the Ultimate
11:45 Terminology
  CANCELLED - Community based translations of games
12:00 systemd, Two Years Later Aldebaran Robotics and Open Source eTests Apache Deltacloud API v1.0 Porting Nemo Mobile and Mer Project to new Hardware Stable kernel maintenance for distributions BuildSys and QA in CentOS using a Private Cloud: OpenNebula Recent changes in localization toolchain Divide and conquer in the cloud: one big server or many small ones? Ada Tasking: Multithreading Made Easy Making apt.postgresql.org a Reality Treaty, An Active Filesystem W3C Extensible Web Community Group presentation copyleft-next: an introduction Astonishing python tricks Benefits of the new Xen paravirtualization mode Getting Started with Couchbase
  Plasma Active: Free Software for Devices
12:15 Hangout-like video conferences with Jitsi and XMPP
  eGov Testing Machine to ensure Free Software users freedom to access eGovernment services MinGW-w64 & Wine
12:30 Build and deploy your app on your own cloud with OpenShift Origin Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures Squeak Latest Developments Mobile Web and Firefox - Web Compatibility Gaffer - Application deployement, monitoring and supervision made simple. Thermostat: The road from 0.1 to 1.0, a success story (in progress)
  Kolab Groupware LibreOffice now accesses my documents through CMIS
  Plone, the best python-based CMS
13:00 FreedomBox 1.0 ROS: towards open source in robotics Porting applications to 64-Bit ARM Architecture Raindrops Incompatibility and Pain - a perspective from upstream Getting Serious About the Developer Experience Well-typed UNO When and How to Take Advantage of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6 Postgres Demystified The Gluon Project Update LPI Exam Session 4 Status of 3D drivers for modern gaming The Lua Scripting Language in the NetBSD Kernel
  HEPv3: The Next-Generation Encapsulation Protocol
  Visualisation of public available FlightData
13:30 Image management in a federated cloud environment Distributing TeX and Friends - methods, pitfalls, advise Being a good upstream - the syslog-ng PoV Introducing FLTK Avoid multi-master conflicts with Tungsten Amber Smalltalk Contributing to graphics in Gecko TDD from scratch
  Kazoo: An elegant Distributed Open-Source stack for Telecom Give me my drawing back! An introduction to the Wesnoth animation engine
14:00 Free, open, secure and convenient communications Vroom! Free Software in your car Phone liberation parties Introducing the Synnefo open source IaaS cloud platform The perils of patents for embedded & mobile development Synchronous multi-master clustering with MySQL: an introduction to Galera Ada Steaming Ahead: New 2012 Features PostgreSQL as a Schemaless Database Firefox OS and Web Applications - Debugging made easy Why the free software phone doesn't exist Vaurien The Chaos TCP Proxy Wine on ARM Supporting the new C and C++ standards in FreeBSD Adopt OpenJDK. What we’ve learned, where we’re going. A real-time architecture using Hadoop & Storm.
14:15 From SIP to XMPP and vice versa
  The development infrastructure of the TYPO3 project Language tags - or, what is BCP 47 and why would we want it
14:30 StratusLab: Darn Simple Cloud Make Debian compiler agnostic - Building Debian with LLVM/Clang Enlightenment 0.17 How to get MySQL to fail Back to the Future webL10n: client-side i18n / l10n library Python for Humans
  Vendorificator JCP state of the nation and future directions
  So your mobile broadband modem speaks... what? Explaining the Quake 3 virtual machine
15:00 LibreOffice: cleaning and re-factoring a giant code-base Open Science, Open Software, and Reproducible Code STAR: a Python Pandas dressing Security Priorities for Cloud Developers Android freedom and Replicant Understanding GNOME internals to administrate desktop Debian machines Qt Project Update Introduction to MySQL Cluster Compile-Time Dimensionality Checking Implementing High Availability LPI Exam Session 5 Current state and future of audio and video in Firefox Copyleft vs permissive vs contributor license agreements How do event loops work in Python? WineTestBot Improvements in the OpenBSD IPsec stack GraphDB
  How to hack on Wikipedia JogAmp Fast Media & Processing regardless whether the JVM is slow or not
  Interoperability improvements
15:30 Orchestrating complex deployments on OpenStack using Heat Panel Discussion: The challenges of federated and distributed free Real-time Communications and its significance to the Free and Open Source Software community Keeping the slave’s buffer pool warm for failover with Percona Playback Telephone Reception Management with Alice on Pi SpiderMonkey garbage collection Two projects to optimize Python
  Using Gerrit Code Review in an open-source project New data structure for Writer core?
16:00 Has the GNOME community gone crazy? UEFI SecureBoot EasyTAG SlapOS, an efficient all-in-one cloud Open Source Hardware Bagpipes How do we make "Qt on Mer" the solution of choice for device vendors? NoSQL and SQL: Blending the Best of Both Worlds Simplifying the Use of Formal Methods Practical Tips for Better PostgreSQL Applications Open source gaming discussions Open Source Support for 400+ million users Fixing public procurement Experimentation in porting the Go concurrency model to Python Wine BOF bhyve Five questions to ask about NoSQL
  A F/OSS Garbage Collection Visualizer
16:15 Clouseau
  Borderlands, Granular Sequencer Hacking Android remote
16:30 Measuring OpenStack: the Ceilometer Project Feed me more: Memory appetite of MySQL analysed WebFWD: Moving the web forward EasyBuild: building software with ease
  Jazzperiments Introducing GNOME Photos
17:00 The Keeper of Secrets Finding and fixing performance problems in Calc Present and future of phpMyAdmin Getting up and running with Nashorn & OpenJFX MongoDB Internals
  Closing FOSDEM 2013