Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013



The present status of Cloud and Virtualised Machine instances is very chaotic; different Vendors doing their own thing, every hypervisor needing its own magic and various cloud instances imposing their own site requirements. The RainDrops project aims to reduce the impact this has on users, giving them a unified interface ( web, git and REST ) that they can define their requirements against. And let the system handle the various requirements.

In this presentation we aim to define the scope of the problem and demonstrate our solution. Our demo will consist of defining a single kickstart file, and then using that to build multiple instances for different vendors and technologies, with very little effort and no vendor specific configs needed.

The raindrops project has been in development and closed testing upto this point, we hope to use the Fosdem talk to launch it publicly.


Karanbir Singh
Jaime Melis