Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Supporting the new C and C++ standards in FreeBSD

Towards the very end of 2011, new versions of the C and C++ standards were released. The last time this happened was 1999 for C and 2003 for C++, so this is far from a regular occurrence. Much of the discussion of the support has focussed on the compiler, but both C and C++ have a large standard library. The C standard library is a core part of any UNIX system - the public system call interface is specified in terms of functions in this library - and so the task of bringing this support to users falls to a mixture of libc, the compiler, and a few other supporting pieces of code.

This talk will look at the current status of support for these new standards in FreeBSD, the difficulties of implementing some parts, how they overcome, and the remaining challenges.


David Chisnall