Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Apache CloudStack features and tools

In this talk we will present Apache CloudStack, a project currently in incubation at the Apache Software Foundation. CloudStack is a IaaS solution enabling users to build public or private clouds. We will briefly review the "Apache Way" that governs the CloudStack project and present the ecosystem that is taking shape. We will then dive into the key features of CloudStack: Hypervisor agnosticity, multiple storage backends like Ceph, GlusterFS, Software Defined Networking and couple other interesting ones. We will then present three extremely useful utilities to test and manage a CloudStack base cloud. Namely: DevCloud, a sandbox that provides an all-in-one environment to develop and test CloudStack code, Marvin, a Python framework for integration testing which also provides a Python binding to the CloudStack API and finally we will present CloudMonkey the new command line interface built on Marvin.

This talk will present an overall view of the project while highlighting key technical features and great utilities for users.


Sebastien Goasguen