Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Making a Hackerspace Smart

Home Automation solutions are appearing every day to make our everyday lives easier and simpler but still lack the greater vision. Interfacing them and building complex applications is still hard, mainly due to proprietary hardware and communications protocols. Open source and community based solutions are the key to overcome the aforementioned limitations. To prove that Open Source is the solution we decided to upgrade various devices to smart-objects using open protocols and the concepts and directives of Future Internet. We will present all the levels of the architecture of our system to fit our greater vision of an Open Source Home automation System. We deal with low level Arduino-based smart adapters, communication protocols, the storage mechanism for logging and data aggregation and the high level applications (e.g., Android, Windows Phone) and interfaces to control and monitor our local hackerspace. All parts of our installation are open source and available for everyone to use and extend. Some of the technologies we used include CoAP for low level wireless communication, RESTful web interfaces and Semantic Descriptions to integrate them with the Web.


Dimitrios Amaxilatis