Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


The Upgrade of the LibreOffice Template Repository

The LibreOffice template repository is currently created using Plone and an add-on named Plone Software Center. Many contributors to the templates repository find it to complicate to upload and publish a template on the site, because they had to create a project and then a release for every new template version. Only afterwards they could upload their template onto the site. It's currently not possible to translate the project pages (and sub pages) or e.g. the categories of the projects. Thus I started to work on a new add-on for a LibreOffice template center that has a more flat hierarchy and make it possible to translate the projects (and sub pages) as well as the categories of the projects into different languages. The presentation will show the current state of this Upgrade of the LibreOffice templates site.


Andreas Mantke