Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Open Source Support for 400+ million users

At Mozilla we are supporting over 400+ million users in 80+ languages with a tiny team of full time employees. That is only made possible by the help of hundreds of volunteer contributors whose efforts are all channeled through Kitsune, our own support software developed from scratch to be the best possible support platform on the web. In this talk we'll cover on one hand the main features of the platform, how we are using it to support so many users, and what sets it apart from many other similar tools on the web. On the other hand we'll peak behind the curtain and give an overview of the software stack used for Kitsune. We'll share our development workflow from choosing a bug all the way to deploying and show how interested developers can get started using and contributing to Kitsune.


Abdulkadir Topal
Ricky Rosario