Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures

"MySQL Replication is a proven, simple and popular technology used to fulfil many different requirements. Whether it is used as a simple data store for a web shop, as an online backup tool or even as a mean to extract reports without impacting the master, it is always regarded as a very simple to setup and intuitive solution.

Coupled together with emergent tools and technologies, such as MySQL utilities, MySQL proxy or even the binary log API, it opens a wide range of possibilities for building complex and very useful solutions, yet in a very simple way. For example, aggregating data from multiple data centers, migrating data from/into MySQL servers and other databases, using esoteric slaves as external full-text search engines or even bridging into non-traditional and/or non-relational external components to handle special requirements, these are all possibilities that one can think of. Furthermore, MySQL 5.6 Replication shows up as an enabler for many of these settings.

This session will showcase some advanced architectures combining MySQL 5.6 Replication and other tools."


Luis Soares