Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Introducing the Synnefo open source IaaS cloud platform

Introduction of the Synnefo cloud platform. Synnefo is a complete cloud stack providing Compute/Network/Image/File/Volume services over OpenStack compatible APIs. It is running in production for over a year now, powering the ~okeanos public cloud service for the Greek Research and Education Network, GRNET. It uses Google Ganeti for the low level VM management part.

The talk will cover:

  • General architecture and components used (Django, Ganeti, KVM, RADOS)
  • Networking: IPv4/IPv6 public networks, how to scale the number of isolated virtual private LANs to the thousands
  • Using a content-addressable file storage service as the Image repository
  • Unified storage of files, VM Images and live VM disks, independently of the backend storage technology
  • Thin provisioning of VMs over such infrastructure (no NAS/SAN), with zero copies while in the same time keeping support for live migrations
  • Advantages to running a production service on Synnefo
  • Current Industry and Open Source Community use cases of Synnefo
  • Production readiness/Scalability/Maintainability on commodity hardware


Vangelis Koukis