Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Porting Nemo Mobile and Mer Project to new Hardware

There are many different linux distributions out there, but only few of them are really targetting for a mobile devices. Nemo Mobile is one of these mobile oriented open source distributions. It is based on very flexible and mobile oriented Mer Core and has UI developed with Qt/QML. Nemo Mobile targets mobile devices such as phones and tablets and has currently adaptations for devices including n900, n950 and n9 as well as some x86 devices and virtual machine support. There are also many other devices out there that have already preliminary adaptations that can be worked with. The development is done fully in the open and we welcome every user and contributor.

Many ask what it takes to port Nemo Mobile/Mer to new hardware, answer to this question is approached in this presentation. During the presentation listener will get information about the parts where implementation for each adaptation is needed. For example graphics, phone, sensors and audio need some adaptation work to get the features working. Examples of packaging a kernel and graphics libraries are shown with the tools that make it easier to get all the features included.


Marko Saukko