Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Qt Project Update

In 2011 the Qt Project was established to drive the future development of the project: a true Open Source project with an open governance model, based on the models found in mature open source communities like the Linux kernel and WebKit, both of which support a large commercial ecosystem like Qt does. During the year 2012, the project has proven its worth, surviving turbulent changes and releasing several Qt 4.8 patch releases and the 5.0 major release. It has managed to do that through the dedication of its community and through the structure established last year, which may be unfamiliar to many customers of Qt.

This session will present the set up of the Qt Project, showing how a developer can approach the community with ideas and contributions. It will show how the project is set up and how the development and release processes work. Finally, it will present some success stories of how an Open Source project can have commercial interests in harmony.


Thiago Macieira
Frederik Gladhorn