Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


OpenJDK Lambda the Ultimate

Lambda expressions and default methods are new and significant language features that will be arriving in JDK8. Application of those new language features enables new and significant library enhancements in JDK8. This talk will introduce the new language and major library enhancements.

The most significant library enhancement will be the introduction of a new collections API. Without lambda expressions and default methods such an API would not be feasible. This new collections API is designed to make it easier to process data compared to the external iteration approach as currently required using the existing Collections API. Further more, by internally using the Fork/Join framework added in JDK7 the new API provides an unobtrusive and simple way for the developer to leverage parallel execution and fully utilize modern multicore systems.

At the end of this talk developers should have a good understanding of the new features, know how to obtain the OpenJDK Lambda implementation, try out those features, and provide valuable feedback.


Paul Sandoz