Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Telephone Reception Management with Alice on Pi

Alice is an Open Source PBX management application aimed at hosted reception facilities.

Taming wild PBXes and meeting the fuzzy real-time requirements of human impatience are some of the challenges you face, when you build such systems. Using the Asterisk PBX, the Ada language, and AWS - the Ada Web Server, we take on the modern web armed with HTML5, Dart and WebSockets, to make Alice a reliable, commercial service for customers who consider answering the phone mission critical. I will present some examples of how Ada has made the construction of Alice - if not a walk in the park, then at least - reasonably easy and painless. During the presentation I plan to have a live example of Alice answering phones on a Raspberry Pi in front of the audience.


Kim Rostgaard Christensen