Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


EDE, a light desktop environmnent

EDE is desktop environment designed to be light in resource usage, have known look and does not get in your way. It is running on Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Minix and on devices like Zaurus or Xbox.

Popular desktop environments became resource hogs and are pretty much unusable on older hardware and popular cheap devices like Raspberry Pi and MK802. To run the latest KDE or GNOME versions, you will need a powerful hardware with good graphic card, a similar requirements set by modern 3D games. Isn't that sad?

That is why we are seeing increased interest in light window managers and desktop environments in recent years.

EDE belongs to the same group. Built on FLTK toolkit, library originating in movie industry with design to be fast and easy to use, EDE uses the similar principles brining full asynchronous desktop, that starts up quickly, giving user familiar look and feel. With this, user is focused on doing job not tuning environment to be usable.

This talk will give quick overview of project goals (why EDE is here and why use FLTK), current status (what is done) and future plans (can we have live environment).


Sanel Zukan