Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Borderlands, Granular Sequencer

Make sounds from sounds & fingers

Make sounds from sounds & fingers

Borderlands is a cross platform Granular Sequencer. Improves communication & interface enables to use it with any controllers, or without!

Granular Sequencer is an addictive audio concept : picking parts of audio samples, near randomly, applying filters then playing them.

This way of playing music is possible with lots of tools, but there is no fun in them. Borderlands has huge possibilities & contains a lot of attractiveness.

I forked the original work from Chris Carlson, improving interface, adding features, & communication possibilities (OSC,Midi, TUIO). The idea is to build something between the tool & the toy, but that you can use without a manual, totally instinctively.

As everything is controlable, you can manage your performance with a MIDI controller (korg nanokontrol...), an OSC interface (Android touchOSC...), or a reactable !

So the versatility of this project has many interest centers : Musicians : making live performance, creating new sounds ... Artists : generating ambiance, controlled by audience.... Schools : Discovering the tool, the code, & sound manipulation Everyone : This idea interests people working with children with difficulties (intellectual, social...)

This project has great potential, will be developped with other new features, and has to be spread all over the world !


Thomas Hocedez