Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013



Interactive musical improvisation

Interactive musical improvisation

Jazzperiments is an open source Java application which enables musicians to have an interactive 'jam' with their computer.

Imagine you sing, whistle or play an instrument and your computer plays along ... not just a like a dull 'rhythm box' with some ever repeating chords, but really interactive, following your own free improvisation. Jazzperiments is a project to achieve just this, open source, based on the beautiful Gervill JavaSound library of Karl Helgason (FOSDEM veteran). The system is described in detail and actually online on ... ready to try out or even use in performances ... click on JAM> and start 'jamming'. However as the system works better and better there are more and more options to improve and extend it: new user interfaces (something with a camera would be very nice to 'direct' the app), reducing latency, even more tricks with live samples etc. etc. If you combine love for programming and music (and who doesn't?) a lightning talk is long enough to challenge you to participate in any way ... and it's not just a talk ... there will even be time for a lightning concert/jam ...


Teun de Lange