FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Schedule Published

Almost the complete schedule has been published on our website. You will notice a few gaps that are still being filled.

Check out the :

For the agenda-fanatics we also publish a computer-readable calendar in ical and xcal format.

See you very soon in Brussels !

The conference with the most press-releases

The FOSDEM 2009 press release below is aimed at technical media. This event shows again how strong and multicultural a community can be, the paper being translated in no less than twenty-one languages by our visitors! Thanks to all translators.

English (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Belarussian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Bulgarian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Catalan (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Croatian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Danish (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Dutch (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Estonian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - French (pdf/ odt/ txt) - German (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Greek (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Hungarian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Italian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Latvian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Macedonian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Norvegian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Polish (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Romanian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Russian (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Spanish (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Swedish (pdf/ odt/ txt) - Portuguese (pdf/ odt/ txt)

Would you like to promote FOSDEM? Check out this page Thank you!

LPI Certification Exams at FOSDEM

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers level 1, level 2 and level 3 certification exams with an almost 50% rebate to FOSDEM visitors and donates 10 EUR to FOSDEM per exam session taken during the event.

Key signing and Assurance WoT party

PGP public key and CAcert certificate identification is based on multiple (the more the better) persons doing an identification check with official identity document(s), like a driver license, passports, identity cards, etc.: the Web of Trustworthy. The Web of Trust is basically a reciprocal process: one has to identify to each other.

The party is essential to strengthen the Web of Trust and keep the security technique open and freely available.

Like previous years, there will be a PGP key signing and CAcert assurance party at FOSDEM. Have your identity checked at the party and bring with you a governmental issued identity document.

Main Tracks and Speakers published

The list of Main Track speakers for FOSDEM 2009 is almost complete and officially announced today, even though the website does not contain all the speaker bios and abstracts yet.

The keynotes will be highly interesting and entertaining, as always:

Keeping our tradition of high quality technical talks, the main tracks for 2009 will be organized around 6 topics and feature a wealth of project leads and core developers from all around the FOSS horizon:

FOSDEM 2009 Lightningtalks

These are the projects that are participating in FOSDEM 2009 with a lightningtalk, in probable sequential order.
Saturday: Linux Defenders, Small Sister, FLOSSMetrics, Bazaar, Caiman, Apache Felix, Opsview, Marionnet, LXDE, Camelot, hackable:1, BUG, usbpicprog, Gemvid.
Sunday morning: GnuTLS, mailman-pgp-smime, JTRunner, IPN & msockets, ModularIT, Puppet.
Sunday afternoon: FreedroidRPG, SGX Engine, MuseScore, PyRoom, eZ Find, XWiki, TikiWiki, Midgard, CalDAV.

FOSDEM Beer Event

As every year, there will be a FOSDEM beer event on Friday night before FOSDEM (6 February 2009).

Like last year, this year's event will take place at the Delirium Café, in a beautiful gallery near the Grand'Place in Brussels. In addition to the enormous variety in beers, the location also has enough room to accomodate the enormous crowd of geeks we tend to be.

FOSDEM 2009 Stands

These are the projects that are participating in FOSDEM 2009 with a stand, in alphabetical order: *BSD, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Free Software Foundation Europe + Free Knowledge Foundation, Gentoo, GNOME, Haiku, Jabber/XMPP, Joomla, KDE, Mandriva, Mozilla, MySQL, OpenEmbedded, Openmoko,, openSUSE, OpenWRT, PHP, PostgreSQL, SIP Communicator, Syllable, ReactOS, Ubuntu.

FOSDEM 2009 Devrooms

These are the projects that are participating in FOSDEM 2009 with a Developer Room, in alphabetical order: *BSD + PostgreSQL, Ada (user group), Cross Desktop (GNOME + KDE + XFCE), Debian, Drupal, Embedded (various FOSS projects related to embedded platforms), Fedora + CentOS, Free Java (OpenJDK and friends), GNOME, Jabber/XMPP, KDE, MySQL, Mozilla, + GNUstep + Etoilé,, openSUSE, Ruby and Rails (Belgian Ruby User Group),

Call for devrooms and stands closed

The call for devrooms and stands for FOSDEM 2009 is closed.
All available rooms and stands have been assigned.
Thanks for the many requests, and sorry to those we could not fulfill.

A list of FOSS projects present at FOSDEM 2009 with a devroom and/or a stand will be announced soon.

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