FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Track: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

Event Speaker Room When Media
The Linux Defenders: Stop the Trolls, Protect Linux, Further Innovation Keith Bergelt Ferrer Sat 14:20-14:35
SmallMail, or how to keep your email private in an era of Data Retention Peter Roozemaal Ferrer Sat 14:40-14:55
FLOSSMetrics: providing data about FLOSS development Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona Ferrer Sat 15:00-15:15
Why you should use Bazaar for maintaining your OSS project Lenz Grimmer Ferrer Sat 15:20-15:35
Building custom OpenSolaris distributions with the distro constuctor Stefan Schneider Ferrer Sat 15:40-15:55
Dynamic deployment with Apache Felix Marcel Offermans Ferrer Sat 16:00-16:15
Opsview: Network monitoring made easy James Peel Ferrer Sat 16:20-16:35
Marionnet: networking for dummies Marco Stronati Ferrer Sat 16:40-16:55
LXDE - Lighter, Faster, Less Ressource Hungry Mario Behling Ferrer Sat 17:00-17:15
Camelot : building desktop apps at warp speed Erik Janssens Ferrer Sat 17:20-17:35
Quick start into mobile development for desktop developers Marcus Bauer Ferrer Sat 17:40-17:55
An Introduction to BUG Ken Gilmer Ferrer Sat 18:00-18:15
Introducing usbpicprog, an affordable usb programmer for PIC-chips. Frans Schreuder Ferrer Sat 18:20-18:35
Animals monitoring with Gemvid Jean-Etienne Poirrier Ferrer Sat 18:40-18:55
Introduction to GnuTLS Simon Josefsson Ferrer Sun 10:00-10:15
The Secure List Server: an OpenPGP and S/MIME aware Mailman Joost van Baal Ferrer Sun 10:20-10:35
JTR Java Test Runner and Java Distributed Testing Francesco Russo Ferrer Sun 10:40-10:55
Renew Berkeley Sockets API: IPN & msockets Renzo Davoli Ferrer Sun 11:00-11:15
ModularIT: virtualiced and distributed modular services architecture Agustín Benito Ferrer Sun 11:20-11:35
How the social networking site Hyves benefits from puppet Marlon de Boer Ferrer Sun 11:40-11:55
KeySigning Party Theus Hagen Ferrer Sun 12:00-14:00
Introducing FreedroidRPG, a great FOSS isometric RPG Arthur Huillet Ferrer Sun 14:00-14:15
Games Engines Done Good Steven Goodwin Ferrer Sun 14:20-14:35
MuseScore, free music composition & notation software Thomas Bonte Ferrer Sun 14:40-14:55
PyRoom - distraction free writing Bruno Bord Ferrer Sun 15:00-15:15
Putting Apache Solr to work: eZ Find, a powerful eZ Publish search plugin Paul Borgermans Ferrer Sun 15:20-15:35
The XWiki Wysiwyg Editor: Rich Cross-Browser Editing, Take Two Anca Luca Ferrer Sun 15:40-15:55
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware - When just a Wiki is Not Enough Marc Laporte Ferrer Sun 16:00-16:15