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Jorrit Tyberghein

I studied computer science at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (licentiaat Informatica). I have been programming for a hobby before I went to university even. My first computer was an MSX 1 from SpectraVideo :-) On that I created several games in Basic. Later I got an MSX 2 from Phillips. At this time I started to program in C and assembly for the first time. Made a primitive word processor and several smaller games. My next computer was an Amiga 500 on which I started a very big debugger using assembler (ended up using 100000 lines of assembly code :-) I also wrote a few games (Boulderdash clone) and several utilities. Then I got an Amiga 3000. This is the first computer on which I actually started to program C++. Then I got a Compaq Laptop, followed by a Pentium 90MHz with 16Megs RAM. This is the computer that got me started with Crystal Space (yes, CS really ran on such a low-end system :-) At this moment I have a P-II 400 MHz with 256Megs RAM and a GeForce/Quadro video card. I actually never did much computer graphics before starting Crystal Space. I didn't even choose the optional computer graphic courses at university. So I had to learn everything from zero when I started CS. I did this mostly by reading documents on the internet (John Carmack has been a great inspiration for example)