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Axel Hecht

I was born 1970 in Oberhausen, Germany, grew up the Wiesbaden. I finished school in 1989, studied Physics in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. I made my Dipl. Phys. in 1995 working with crystals at very low temperatures. Which is fun. I started with my PhD in 1996, and since then I'm working in Kiel in the field of Scientific Computing on thin structures (shells, imagine beverage can).
My first computer was a Sinclair something, followed by a Schneider CPC and several PCs. My current platforms are SUN Sparc workstations and linux PCs.
I started hacking in my early days, and never really stopped. During my studies I didn't do that much coding, but now I'm basically doing nothing else. I use Matlab for my daywork, with some additions of C, and I try to get around without Fortran.
I'm contributing to Mozilla, mostly build stuff and work on the XSLT tranformation module transformiix.