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David Faure's report on dot.kde.org

Just take a look at it. Thanks David.

Toolinux coverage

Toolinux had two people covering the OSDEM. You can see the resulting articles and even an interview of Raphael.

The way Jorrit lived the OSDEM week-end.

Jorrit Tyberghein from Crystal Space put a summury online. Seems he had some trouble with the projector ;-)

Kind of interview on Linuxtoday

Damien Sandras and Raphael Bauduin got some mail exchanges with Cedric Godart. Here's the resulting article.

Liunxfr is encouraging people to come to the OSDEM

Linuxfr is encouraging people to come to the OSDEM, underlining the fact that it is an event organised by people from the community without commercial goals.

Tiscalinet.be talks about OSDEM

Tiscalinet.be talks about OSDEM. They have a full article linked from their front page!
Tiscali Belgium is an active supporter of the OSDEM.

Zig Zag on Bruxelles Capital

Raphael Bauduin got the opportunity to talk about OSDEM in ZIG ZAG, on Bruxelles Capitale.

Linux+ January

Take a look at Linux+ from January, page 8 ! There is a short summary about the OSDEM. Thanks to Linux+ for their support.

Aurora annoucing their support of the OSDEM

Aurora is annoucing their support of the OSDEM. This communication is not accurate in all details, but it's cool from Aurora to support us actively as they did it and continue doing.

yournet.be displaying our banner

Yournet.be is displaying our banner. Check their site if you don't remember our banner (and don't look at the top right corner of the osdem site ;-)

Freesoftmag mentions OSDEM

Freesoftmag.com mentions OSDEM in their news section. Cool!

CyberCafe21 intervention

Renaud Larsen and Raphael Bauduin will have the opportunity to talk about OSDEM on Radio21, a national Radio Station, at about 11pm this friday 12th january.

OSDN support

OSDN is running our banner on their network. You could see our banner on the following sites: slashdot,freshmeat, sourceforge, Linux.com, Geocrawler, themes.org.

Mandrake Forum

Mandrake Forum posted a news about the OSDEM. Thank you Joël, thank you Mandrake !

Cybercafé21 radio

Brice will talk about the OSDEM this evening (friday the 5th of january). Don't forget to listen to cybercafé 21.

Linuxtoday banners

LinuxToday begins to display our banner on Linuxtoday and Linuxtoday France from today. Thanks for their support !


Rasterman talks about OSDEM on his site. Thank you Rasterman.

Linux Magazine France

Linux Magazine France started to display our banner on their site, thanks for their support !

Article on IBS

IBS had an article about OSDEM on january the 2nd, based on the Yahoo France covering.


Cybercafé21 has a story about OSDEM, very similar to the internet.com coverage.


OpenBe is displaying the OSDEM banner.

Linux Weekly News

Linux Weekly News published an annoucement of the OSDEM and put us in their event calendar.

Newsforge reports about OSDEM

Newsforge published some news about OSDEM.

Article on Yahoo France!

There is an article about OSDEM in the news section of Yahoo France!

france.internet.com mentions linuxtoday's article in their news

france.internet.com mentions linuxtoday's article about OSDEM in their news ! Thanks for their support.

OSDEM is the headline of the day in LinuxToday

Today, OSDEM was the headline of LinuxToday FR. Another article more precise on the event itself will follow. Thanks for their support.


Gnotice, the Gnome news site mentioned OSDEM.


Insecure.org is displaying our banner. Thanks Fyodor!


Linuxbe is supporting the event, eg by displaying our banner! Visit www.linuxbe.org!

LinuxToday mentions OSDEM

Linuxtoday mentioned the organisation of the OSDEM.


Toolinux has a nice article in french about OSDEM.
They also display our banner..... Thanks toolinux!