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Speaker Index

Ben Adida

Ben Adida will talk about OpenACS.

Wichert Ackerman

Wichert is the leader of the Debian project.


Well known Enlightenment author.

Jorrit Tyberghein

Author of the crystal space 3D engine.


Perdition and LVS author.

Conrad Parker

Sweep Sound Editor developer.

Philippe Biondi

LIDS developer. Will talk about security at the kernel level.

Richard Morrell

Smoothwall developer, a linux distro specifically developed to be used as router and firewall.

Jeremy Allison

Samba developer.

Werner Koch

GnuPG author, and FSF Europe representative.

Sascha Gresk

Will present his work on qmail notification and a Python LDAP module.

Renaud Deraison (link)

Nessus author

Johan Vos

Blackdown developer who worked on the port to Linux/Sparc.

Alexander Bokovoy

Midgard developers.

Ami Ganguli

Midgard developer.

Rasmus Lerdorf

Leading PHP developer.

Axel Hecht

Mozilla contributor.

David Faure

KDE developer, maintainer of konqueror.

Mathieu Lacage

Gnome programmer and organiser of the first Guadec in Paris.

Peter De Schrijver

Embedded GNU/Linux programmer

Amnon Barak (link)

Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, leading the Mosix project

Fyodor (link)

Author of the famous nmap tool, and maintainer of http://www.insecure.org.

RMS (link)

FSF founder and Free Software defender. He wrote, amongst other, Emacs.

Marcus Brinkman

Developer for The Hurd, the kernel developed by the GNU project.