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Peter De Schrijver

Open Source projects I worked on (and still work on) :
  • Tokenring on linux. I did the initial ibmtr.c driver and the encapsulation stuff. I also worked on the olympic tokenring driver.
  • Linux on ps/2 and ESDI device driver
  • Linux on apollo workstations (DN3500, DN4000)
  • Contributions to linux on CHRP (PPC)
  • Contributions to linux/m68k on amiga (new hydra driver)
  • Linux on CLPS-7111 (ARM Evaluation board)
Work :
  • 1995 - 2000 : Alcatel Bell, Software developer I developed a internal communication protocol used in a telephony switching system. I worked on device driver code for ATM and SDH termination boards.> > After 3 years I joined Alcatel research to work on the next generation Internet Access networks. I developed a working prototype of an MPLS based> > access network using Alcatel DSL and ATM equipment controlled from linux boxes.
  • 2000 - now : Mind, CTO