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Open ArsDigita Community System

EVAS: Hardware accelerated image blending, rendering, scaling, anti-aliased text rendering - a reality on your desktop

Crystal Space 3D engine

Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++. It supports: true six degree's of freedom, colored lighting, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflective surfaces, 3D sprites (frame based or with skeletal animation), procedural textures, radiosity, particle systems, halos, volumetric fog, scripting (using Python or other languages), 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit display support, Direct3D under Windows, Glide and OpenGL on Windows, GNU/Linux, OS/2, Macintosh, BeOS, ...

Globally Distributed Content

The Sweep Sound Editor - http://sweep.sourceforge.net/

Sweep is a sound wave editor. It operates on files of various formats such as .wav, .aiff and .au, and has multiple undo/redo levels and filters. It is Free Software, available under GPL

Free Software development strategies

Scott McNeill should speak about that with Henrik Nordstrom


Alexander Bokovoy will talk about internationalisation issues.

Security at kernel level

Philippe Biondi will talk about security matters at the kernel level.

KDE: features, architecture and development framework.

David Faure will talk about KDE


Axel Hecht will talk about mozilla

The Hurd - Markus Brinkman

Markus will talk about The Hurd.


Richard will talk about Smoothwall and its growth.

Writing Free Software in Java

Johan will talk about Blackdown.

The MOSIX Resource Sharing Algorithms for Efficient Cluster Computing

Amnon Barak will talk about Mosix.

Software Patents

RMS will talk about the danger of software patents.


Rasmus Lerdorf will talk about PHP.


Renaud will talk about Nessus.

GnuPG internals

Werner will talk about GnuPG internals.

LDAP, Python, SWIG

Sascha will talk about LDAP, SWIG and Python

GNU/Linux Embedded

Peter will talk about GNU/Linux Embedded.


Mathieu will talk about GNOME.


Ami Ganguli will talk about Midgard.


Jeremy Allison will talk about Samba.

Network Reconnaissance Techniques

Fyodor will be speaking about network security.