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It's over....

The OSDEM (FOSSDEM ;-) was fun to attend and organise. Thanks to all people present (600+ saturday, 400+ sunday) and the good atmosphere of the meeting, it has been fun this week-end.
It is planned to organise another meeting next year, and we'll keep it "not corporate oriented". To ensure it, we'll sing again, but we don't know which song yet. Any idea? ;-)
The most important thing is that developers exchanged ideas, as proven by spontaneous discussion that happened in the classrooms near the hacking room.

If you took pictures (some are already available thanks to Ramses) you should send them to pics@osdem.org. Recorded sessions and so on will be available later on the OSDEM website. A feedback form, similar as the one we distributed sunday, will be put online.
Some did already put some summaries online: check Jorrit's, Arterm's, Mathieu's, Sebastian's (in german), David's, Arto's. IDG put a report of RMS' talk.

You can check out the recording of several talks on the Opensource-tv.com site. We're looking to make it available in an open format asap. A DVD will also be made available. More details on that later.
The mailing list will be the main communication mean to update you about the advancement of the next OSDEM.

Osdem Party Saturday night

There will be a OSDEM party saturday night. From 8pm to 10pm we'll have a buffet (open to all visitor, but food for 100 people). At 10pm, we'll sing the Free Software Song with RMS as lead singer, and after that, it's big party time. I'm really looking forward to that! ;-)

A bad news

Kevin Lawton, from Plex86, had to cancel his talk at OSDEM. The program is little bit change because of that: there will be a Zope presentation, and a web content management session with developers/users from Midgard, Zope and OpenACS.

Minor program change

The i18n session took the place of the sweep sound editor, and vice-versa. Check the new program!

OSDEM backgrounds for your desktop!

Thanks to Fabien Fauchet, the designer of the OSDEM poster, we now have background pictures for your desktop, based on the OSDEM poster.
They are available at different resolutions:

Schedule finaly online

The schedule of the conferences is finally online.
We didn't put it online earlier because of stability problems. I think most bugs our corrected now. Anyway, as some say, it is pointless to let it be tested over and over again by the same people ;-)

Website downtime

Today 17th february, the OSDEM website and Mailing List had a downtime of about 4 hours due to an electricity outage. Sorry for the inconvenience......

Advertising the OSDEM

This week has been very positive about the advertisement of the OSDEM.
At first, we got ou banner on the OSDN sites, Linuxtoday and several others.

The posters also have been printed, and will be distibuted in at least Belgium, France, Germany, Great-Britain, The Netherlands.

Finally, friday evening, we get the opportunity to talk about OSDEM on a national radio station.

That's very cool, isn't it? But it's not a reason to stop advertise OSDEM yourself ;-) So don't hesitate to put the OSDEM banner on your site!

Party friday evening in Leuven!

Peter from Mind will organise something (let's say a party ;-) friday evening (2nd february 2001) for people already present in Belgium for the event. Leuven is at about 25 km from Brussels. Transportation could be organised for those interested. Let Peter know if you want to be part of the party!

Debian to be represented, Free Software song to be sung

Wichert Ackerman will be present at OSDEM to represent the Debian project.
As a side note, just know that RMS accepted to be the lead singer of a group of people wanting to sing the Free Software song at the party on saturday evening.

New website goes live!

The new site design goes online for Christmas.
The new site is meant to be better in the field of clarity, content and content management. For this, we use Midgard. The biggest contributor to the new design is Ami Ganguli, who will hold a talk about Midgard at the OSDEM. He is currently working for Aurora, who let him work some time on this, and he also could bother the Aurora graphist. Thanks!
About graphism, I also have to thank Fabien Fauchet for the OSDEM banner, and Wendy Van Hove for the cute logo you can see at the top left corner.

Some other speakers

I received confirmation that Rasterman will be present and will be giving a talk. We can say that's good news ;-)


We got the confirmation that we can organise the event at the ULB!
We'll have 2 auditoria of 250 people, and 8 classes from 25 to 50 places, all with network connections, projectors,..... I really have to thank Angel and Sergio from the CI, as well as Jerome Warnier from the BxLUG.

Mozilla Presentation

Axel Hecht will be giving a talk about Mozilla. I forgot to mention this.
Speakers, please, if I forget to mention your talk on the site, don't hesitate to contact me! ;-)

VA is sponsoring the event!

Big news: VA Linux supporting the event. This event may now be advertised to the community as we have solid backing to organise it. I didn't advertise this event very loud until now because I was afraid it could become too big to organise. With the support of VA, this fear is gone, and I propose to all of you to communicate the news. An official Press Release will happen when we are sure of the location of the event. It will be Brussels, but we wait confirmation from the ULB (university there). The communication to the Free Software and Open Source community is available at http://www.osdem.org/comm.html. Thanks VA!

Status Update

Here are the confirmed speakers with their respective projects: Fyodor (nmap), Jeremy Allison(samba), Ami Ganguli(midgard, Kevin Lawton(Plex86, Mathieu Lacage(GNOME, Peter De Schrijver (Linux Embedded), Sascha Gresk (qmail notification, LDAP, Python), Werner Koch(GnuPG), Renaud Deraison(Nessus), Rasmus Lerdorf(PHP), Richard Stallman(GNU Project), Amnon Barak(Mosix), Johan Vos(Blackdown), Richard Morell(Smoothwall), Markus Brinkmann((The Hurd).

i18n presentation

Ami Ganguli, from Midgard, and who is getting involved in the organisation of the OSDEM, has contacted Alexander Bokovoy who will give a presentation about Internationalisation! Thanks Ami!

Clustering presentation

Pr Amnon Barak, from the Mosix clustering project, will give a talk!

Banner advertisement of OSDEM

Damien Sandras has arranged some banner advertising for the OSDEM with internet.com. Ou banner will be visible on linuxtoday! More details to come....

More speakers.....

Richard Morell from Smoothwall will be present, as well as Rasmus Lerdorf for PHP. Bad news:It seems Wichert Ackerman, from Debian, has to be in New York during the OSDEM :(

One good, one bad news....

The good one: RMS is coming to represent the FSF The bad one: Linus won't come.....

Fyodor's coming!

Who never used nmap cannot claim to be a sysadmin. Who never heard of Fyodor cannot claim to know something about computer security.... And the big news is that Fyodor is coming to Brussels to give a talk about Network security! Coooooool! Thanks Fyodor! By the way, check his site: www.insecure.org where you will be able to see our banner when it gets available!

IRC Channel!

Thomas Capricelli had the great idea to propose an IRC channel! Join us at irc.bxlug.org, #osdem!

Status update

Here's a little update about who's coming, after something like three weeks working on the project. The response of the community is great. Seems everybody was waiting for such an event. Cool ;-)
  • Midgard by Ami Ganguli
  • Linux embedded by Peter De Schrijver
  • Gnome/Bonobo by Mathieu Lacage
  • Plex86 by Kevin Lawton
There is hope for those presentations:
  • Veepee (Python as scripting language for you apps) by Phil Thompson
  • KDE maybe by David Faure
  • PHP by (Rasmus Lerdorf or Thies Arntzen
I'm waiting answers from:
  • Wine
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • Opensourcefirewalls
  • RMS
Lots of other projects will be contacted soon......

Osdem website and Mailing list go live on the web!

It's been a little week the idea of the OSDEM was born, and we finally have a website. Originally located at the http://www.raphinou.com URL, it was moved to http://www.osdem.org when it was clear this event was getting a lot interest from the community.

Richard Stallman to speak at OSDEM

Free software pioneer and founder of the FSF, originator of the of GNU Project; Richard Stallman will be giving talk on the dangers of software patents.

Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU project, launched in 1984 to develop the free operating system GNU (an acronym for "GNU's Not Unix"), and thereby give computer users the freedom that most of them have lost. GNU is free software: everyone is free to copy it and redistribute it, as well as to make changes either large or small.

Today, Linux-based variants of the GNU system, based on the kernel Linux developed by Linus Torvalds, are in widespread use. There are estimated to be over 17 million users of GNU/Linux systems today.

Richard Stallman is the principal author of the GNU C Compiler, a portable optimizing compiler which was designed to support diverse architectures and multiple languages. The compiler now supports over 30 different architectures and 7 programming languages.

Stallman also wrote the GNU symbolic debugger (GDB), GNU Emacs, and various other GNU programs.

Stallman received the Grace Hopper Award from the Association for Computing Machinery for 1991 for his development of the first Emacs editor in the 1970s. In 1990 he was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, and in 1996 an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. In 1998 he received the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer award along with Linus Torvalds; in 1999 he received the Yuri Rubinski memorial award