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David Faure

I'm french, aged 24, and currently living in the UK. I've been a KDE developer for 4 years, maintainer of the file manager (now called Konqueror), and I work on the KDE libraries and the KOffice framework. Since December 1999, I'm employed by MandrakeSoft to work on KDE.
Conferences (about KDE features, architecture, development...) :
  • Conference in "Linux Expo Paris", 18 June 1999
  • Conference in Tokyo, 25 June 1999 Called "EuroJapan Conference" and organised by the French embassy in Japan
  • Conference at "Linux Expo Toronto", 01 November 2000
  • Next conference : Linux Expo Paris, February 2001

Articles :
I wrote 6 articles for Linux Magazine France :
  • LM 7, June 1999 : KDE Programming, part 1
  • LM 8, July & August 1999 : KDE Programming, part 2
  • LM 8, July & August 1999 : Article on KDE 2
  • LM 13, January 2000 : Status of KDE 2 development
  • LM 13, January 2000 : KDE Programming, part 3
  • LM 14, February 2000 : KDE Programming, part 4

I can detail what areas of KDE I'm mainly working on:
  • Libraries (common package for all KDE applications)
    • Network transparency and file operations (copying etc.)
    • Component model (KParts)
    • System configuration (mimetypes, sycoca database)
  • Konqueror
    • Maintainer of the konqueror framework (GUI, configuration, views, profiles, component embedding...) as well as the bookmark format and editor.
    • Maintainer of the file manager part of konqueror.
  • KOffice
    • The common library (all functionality common to all KOffice apps, especially integration with the component model).
    • The KOffice Workspace (common window for all KOffice applications).
    • Some work on KSpread and some filters (CSV filter for KSpread, HTML export for KWord... but not the MS filters).