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Werner Koch

My name is Werner Koch, since I was born in 1961 I am living in (or near to) DŁsseldorf/Germany, I am married since 2 years with Gerlinde Klaes and working as free-lance developer for about 10 years.

Projects of mine:

  • Wedit, an enhanced PE2 (aka OS/2 system editor) clone for OS/2, MSDOS, MS-Windows and GNU/Linux. Shortly after I learned about Free Software, I converted this to my first GPL program in 1993. I know a few folks are still using it and I did so until I lost time for adding features already in the one-and-only-editor, so that I switched to Emacs in August of this year.
  • I wrote the Xircom PCMCIA driver simply because I accidently bought such a card. I promise to never work again on such a thing where the vendor is not willing to cooperate. Please don't ask me about it anymore.
  • In late 1997 I started with the GnuPG project which used to be a fun thing in the beginning.
  • I have done a little work with the EU Working Group on Libre Software and gave a talk on it at the LinuxTag 2000.
  • I am on the board of the German Unix User Group and I try my best to bring them in line with the Free Software philosophy.
  • For about a year now I am working with the other core members on the FSF Europe and the GNU Business Network.