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My name is Simon Horman, though most people call me Horms. I work as a Senior Software Engineer for VA Linux Systems on Load Balancing and High Availability projects. Prior to this I was The Senior Technician at Zip World, an ISP in Sydney, Australia. I moved to Zip World after a stint at Open Systems Integrators' Australian office, where I implemented the network management system for the Optus cable TV network. For my honours thesis in computer science at the University of New South Wales I worked on using genetic algorithms to schedule the university examinations timetable. My main interest is computer networks and in particular how this makes information accessible to people. That and playing pool. I am involved in many open source projects including: Ultra Monkey, The Linux Virtual Server, Heartbeat, Perdition and The PAM patches to Cucipop. Information on these and other projects as well as the various papers I have presented at conferences are available on the Verge Linux Page. In my "spare" time, I work on Vergenet a test network that I run with a little help from my friends. I am from Sydney, Australia and I am currently living in New York City, New York, U.S.A with my girlfriend Felicity. When in Silicon Valley I spend most of my tome tyranising the locals with Raster. I take every opertunity that I can to make visits to Sydney where I like to hang out with various Slarken people such as Kfish, Donny, Pete, Abalynth, Ange, DJ, Woody and Dave. The picture above was taken by Octobrx at Lake Shasta, CA, USA in July 2000. I am wearing a Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) cap, a Slarken t-shirt and drinking Coopers Pale Ale. These are a few of my favourite things. If you need to get in contact with me the best way is to send email to: horms at vergenet dot net. Horms will talk about Globally Distributed Content.