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Richard Morrell

Richard Morrell

Richard works for VA Linux Systems in their European operation working to further every aspect of their growth as a sales engineer. He was formerly at LinuxCare and is involved outside of VA in his spare time with the development of SmoothWall, contributing assistance to Redmond Linux and running a football website following a fanatical obsession with Sunderland Football Club.

Richard has one of the largest Linux archives (books and CD's) in the UK and drives his whole family mad with his enterprise level network lab in his home. He is helping to found SUKLUG - which will cover the whole of the South of England and put a lot of effort and commitment back into the UK Linux community.

Richard lives in the ancient Cathedral City of Winchester in Hampshire, England with his partner Sarah and his ten year old son Adam. He has an active interest in the Old Harveians Association, the old boys' association of his former school, the Harvey Grammar School in Kent and has built and funded their website and domain since 1998 and continued growth online.