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  • The Linux Expo Paris is taking place just before OSDEM. If you're in Paris, why not take a quick train to Brussels after the Expo? Here's what's happening at the Expo.
  • The BxLUG, a Linux User Group in Brussels. A really cool LUG with some people having some strange names: physicman, rb1, rb2, "la planche". If you come to Brussels, you should take the time to have a drink with us, so you'll know how Linus pronounces BxLUG (you'll understand this if you come in february ;)
  • Freepatents.org is a site fighting against software patents in Europe. Our friends from Louvain-la-Neuve have worked a lot on this. Let's all do all we can to prevent the software patents to become legal.
  • Linuxbe is a site hosting lots of different sites and mirrors related to Linux. Check it out!(It's mainly a french language site)
  • The Libre Software Meeting will take place in july in Bordeaux.