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Alexander Neundorf
Bill Hoffman
Day Saturday
Room H.1308
Capacity 150
Start time 12:20
End time 13:00
Duration 00:40
Track CrossDesktop Devroom

CMake the build tool that does more than you think it can

Bill Hoffman, the original CMake developer, and Alexander Neundorf the architect of the KDE CMake Build system will talk about the full capabilities of CMake as a build tool. They will cover both the basics of getting started with CMake, and some really cool features that allow for the cross platform building of entire packages of software. This will be demonstrated with example projects using the gtk as well as the Qt toolkit. They will also give some interesting historical notes on CMake. Covered topics will include: * The basics * Debugging your CMake build system * Integrating 3rd party packages in the build using ExternalProject * Creating source and binary packages using CPack * Continuous Integration testing with CDash/CTest and cdash@home * Installing your CMake-based library - exporting and importing targets * Cross-platform scripting with CMake (cmake -E, cmake -P, file(DOWNLOAD ...) ) * Lots of fun historical notes on the development of CMake and the KDE CMake build system

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