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Mozilla Devroom

Room: UD2.218A
Saturday 2012-02-04
Event Speaker Room When
Mozilla Communities - Agile approach, tools, patterns and metrics Bogomil Shopov UD2.218A 11:00-11:30
Developing Firefox in 2012 - Add-ons, Jetpack, Github and more Dietrich Ayala UD2.218A 11:30-12:00
Hacking Gecko Bobby Holley UD2.218A 12:00-12:30
Hack the Web Jeff Griffiths , Matteo Ferretti UD2.218A 12:30-13:00
2012: New perspectives for Mozilla Tristan Nitot UD2.218A 13:30-14:00
The state of Women & Mozilla Delphine Lebédel , Clarista UD2.218A 14:00-14:30
IT and Community Arzhel Younsi UD2.218A 14:30-15:00
Web security, and how to stop the next DigiNotar Kai Engert UD2.218A 15:00-15:30
Thunderbird Ludovic Hirlimann UD2.218A 15:30-16:00
Introducing the Mozilla Labs Apps Project Rob Hawkes UD2.218A 16:00-16:30
How I added a feature to Firefox Paolo Amadini UD2.218A 16:30-17:00
Open Web Documentation aimed at Web Devs Jean-Yves Perrier UD2.218A 17:00-17:30
The state of new CSS features in the CSSWG and in Mozilla David Baron UD2.218A 17:30-18:00
Boot to Gecko and Web API Chris Jones , Andreas Gal UD2.218A 18:00-18:40
WebFWD Brian King UD2.218A 18:40-19:00
Sunday 2012-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
Why apps start slowly on Linux and what to do about it Taras Glek UD2.218A 09:30-10:00
Improving Firefox startup time on Android Mike Hommey UD2.218A 10:00-10:30
Tracking Firefox performance via Telemetry Taras Glek UD2.218A 10:30-11:00
Introducing the Metrics Data Ping Mark Reid UD2.218A 11:30-12:00
Continuous integration with Mozmill for Firefox Henrik Skupin UD2.218A 12:00-12:30
Howto: Extensions for Thunderbird Jonathan Protzenko UD2.218A 12:30-13:00
CSI:Mozilla - Crash Scene Investigations Robert Kaiser UD2.218A 13:00-13:30
The State of Firefox Mobile Lucas Rocha , Chris Lord UD2.218A 14:00-14:30
IT@Mozilla: Open sourcing the infrastructure Ben Kero UD2.218A 14:30-15:00
On the shoulders of giants: Developing a medical application using XULRunner and XForms Philipp Wagner UD2.218A 15:00-15:30
Mozilla in your Language in 2012 Chris Hofmann UD2.218A 15:30-16:00
Mozilla Lightning Talks UD2.218A 16:00-16:15
A Generation of Webmakers: Hacking with kids, journalists, and filmmakers Michelle Thorne UD2.218A 16:15-16:30
Discussion about the future of XBL Neil Deakin UD2.218A 16:30-17:00