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CrossDesktop Devroom

Room: H.1308
Saturday 2012-02-04
Event Speaker Room When
Welcome! Christophe Fergeau , Pau Garcia i Quiles H.1308 11:00-11:10
GStreamer 1.0 - the next generation of your favourite multimedia framework Tim-Philipp Müller H.1308 11:20-12:10
CMake the build tool that does more than you think it can Alexander Neundorf , Bill Hoffman H.1308 12:20-13:00
Why Java for Linux Applications? Keith Packard H.1308 13:45-14:15
Sustainable mentorship Dave Neary H.1308 14:20-14:50
Open Advice Lydia Pintscher H.1308 14:50-15:05
Trolls, Drama and Gossip Lydia Pintscher H.1308 15:05-15:35
Tumbler - A Modern D-Bus Thumbnail Service Jannis Pohlmann H.1308 15:40-16:10
Crossdesktop group picture Christophe Fergeau , Pau Garcia i Quiles H.1308 16:15-17:00
GNOME 3: Every Detail Matters Allan Day H.1308 17:00-17:30
Telepathy in KDE David Edmundson , Martin Klapetek H.1308 17:35-17:55
How can a newbie start and succeed in developing an application with EFL Philippe Caseiro , Tom Hacohen H.1308 18:00-18:40
Sunday 2012-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
GNOME 3.4 accessible: Status, news, future Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias H.1308 09:15-09:55
Toolkits on Wayland - how we're doing! Rob Bradford H.1308 10:00-10:40
Boxes, use other systems with ease Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) , Marc-André Lureau H.1308 10:45-11:15
Amarok Bart Cerneels H.1308 11:20-11:35 and Qt 5 Lars Knoll , Thiago Macieira H.1308 11:40-12:30
How to trick a developer into being a designer? Allan Day , Seif Lotfy H.1308 13:30-14:10
Calligra - Free Office Everywhere Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen H.1308 14:15-14:55
WebKitGTK+ status and roadmap to WebKit2 Mario Sánchez Prada , Philippe Normand H.1308 15:00-15:40
Getting into GNOME - Impressions of a new maintainer Ekaterina Gerasimova , David King H.1308 15:45-16:15
Web Applications in GNOME Xan López H.1308 16:20-16:50