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Virtualization and Cloud Devroom

Room: Chavanne
Saturday 2012-02-04
Event Speaker Room When
OpenStack News: Last year retrospective Thierry Carrez Chavanne 11:00-11:25
Hacking on OpenStack Compute (Nova) - A beginner's guide Soren Hansen Chavanne 11:30-11:55
libguestfs - tools for modifying virtual machine disk images Richard Jones Chavanne 12:30-12:55
Cloud high availability with pacemaker-cloud Pádraig Brady Chavanne 13:00-13:25
OpenNebula Project Daniel Molina Aranda , Carlos Martín Sánchez Chavanne 13:30-13:55
The Aeolus Project Francesco Vollero Chavanne 14:00-14:25
Open Cloud Interoperability with CompatibleOne Fabio Mancinelli , Jamie Marshall Chavanne 14:30-14:55
Open Clouds with Deltacloud API Michal Fojtik Chavanne 15:00-15:25
DMTF CIMI and Apache Deltacloud Marios Andreou Chavanne 15:30-15:55
Infrastructure as an open-source project Ryan Lane Chavanne 16:00-16:55
Deploying OpenStack with the XCP toolstack on Ubuntu Mike McClurg Chavanne 17:00-17:25
Orchestration for the cloud Dave Walker Chavanne 17:30-17:55
OpenStack developers meeting & Distribution panel Thierry Carrez Chavanne 18:00-18:55
Sunday 2012-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
Spice "Open remote computing" introduction Hans de Goede Chavanne 09:00-09:25
USB redirection over the network Hans de Goede Chavanne 09:30-09:55
Ganeti: "how you can use it" Guido Trotter Chavanne 10:00-10:55
Virtualization Management the oVirt way Itamar Heim Chavanne 11:00-11:25
oVirt Engine Core: Internals and Infrastructure Omer Frenkel Chavanne 11:30-11:55
VDSM - The oVirt Node Management Agent Federico Simoncelli Chavanne 12:00-12:25
Ultralightweight Kernel Service Virtualization with Rump Kernels Antti Kantee Chavanne 13:00-13:55
Tracing and virtualization workshop, millikernels and anykernels Renzo Davoli Chavanne 14:00-14:55
Building app sandboxes on top of LXC and KVM with libvirt Daniel Berrange Chavanne 15:00-15:55
Deploying Xen: troubleshooting surgery & discussion with developers Ian Campbell Chavanne 16:00-16:55