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Lars Wirzenius
Day Saturday
Room Janson
Capacity 1400
Start time 12:30
End time 13:20
Duration 00:50
Track Keynotes

Re-thinking system and distro development

We believe system (and distribution) development needs to be re-thought from the basic concepts upwards. We've implemented some ideas for streamlining development, reducing development friction, speeding up system upgrades and adding support for downgrades and rollbacks, and generally making development of entire systems faster and more fun.

At the level of individual, atomic projects, several great tools and development methods have been developed over the past decade or so. Few of them are applied at the system or distribution level. The Linux kernel development, for example, greatly benefits from the ease of branching and merging that git provides, but it is not possible to branch and merge the whole system, or distribution, consisting of hundreds or tens of thousands of individual projects.

From the agile development worlds, automated testing, test driven development, and continuous integration are common-place for individual projects, but not so much for complete systems development. Would it not be nice to have them?

Packages have been the darling child of Linux distribution development since the early days. They are a natural, modular concept, and have been one of the key factors behind the success of the distribution concept. Package managers have made it easy to install and remove and upgrade each piece of software separately, and to upgrade the whole system by upgrading each installed package. However, a modern distribution consists of tens of thousands of packages, and the combinatorial explosion of dependencies and interaction may be getting out of hand. In this talk we explore another way of approaching the packaging problem.

We believe these and other changes are useful for bridging the current gap between upstream development and end users, to speed up system and distribution development, and to let system builders bravely hack what no-one has hacked before.

Concurrent events:

When Event Track Where
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12:00-12:55 Drools Planner: Planning optimization by example K.3.201
12:00-13:00 IIO, a new subsystem for I/O devices Embedded Lameere
12:00-13:00 Mono — State of the Union Mono K.3.601
12:00-13:00 Input in a modern world - input methods and multitouch. K.3.401
12:05-12:50 An introduction to Ada 2005 and Ada 2012 Ada AW1.121
12:20-13:00 CMake the build tool that does more than you think it can CrossDesktop H.1308
12:30-12:55 libguestfs - tools for modifying virtual machine disk images Virtualization and Cloud Chavanne
12:30-13:00 Grey Areas of Software Licensing AW1.125
12:30-13:00 Easy Hacks LibreOffice H.1309
12:30-13:00 Hack the Web Mozilla UD2.218A
12:30-13:00 WebApps: Interwidget Communication with XMPP Jabber and XMPP H.2213
12:30-13:00 Towards Accelerated UI's on Mobile Linux With Power of Qt5 Open Mobile Linux AW1.120
12:30-13:00 Java Lambda for Hackers Free Java K.4.401
12:45-13:30 A GNUstep Applications Overview GNUstep AW1.126
13:00-13:15 Q&A with the FOSDEM Staff Lightning Talks Ferrer
13:00-13:25 Ada in the on-line multi-user game Crimeville Ada AW1.121
13:00-13:25 Cloud high availability with pacemaker-cloud Virtualization and Cloud Chavanne
13:00-13:30 WebApps: webinos, Tying Web Technology to Everything Jabber and XMPP H.2213
13:00-13:30 Intro to Tizen and the Future of the Community Open Mobile Linux AW1.120
13:00-13:45 Overview and a demo of Dogtag Certificate system Hardware Cryptography H.2214
13:00-13:50 PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite PostgreSQL K.4.201
13:00-13:55 Openshift K.3.201
13:00-14:00 Cairo: How to render tomorrow's user interfaces. K.3.401
13:00-14:00 Multiarch - why it's important CrossDistribution H.1302
13:00-14:00 Linux (SoC) power management Embedded Lameere
13:15-13:45 LibreOffice QA LibreOffice H.1309
13:15-14:00 Univention Corporate Server CrossDistribution H.1301

Next (up to 3) talks in the same room (Janson):

When Event Track
14:00-14:50 Ganeti: "how we did it" Hypervisors
15:00-15:50 Virtualization with KVM: bottom to top, past to future Hypervisors
16:00-16:50 Linux Containers and OpenVZ Hypervisors