FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Schedule: ferrer


Capacity: 288 seats

Saturday 2008-02-23
When Track Event Speaker
14:00-14:15 Lightning Talks Lightning Opening Talk Mattias Guns
14:20-14:35 Lightning Talks Electronic Frontier Foundation Erik Josefsson
14:40-14:55 Lightning Talks Open Trusted Computing: towards trusted and secure computing Goerkem Cetin
15:00-15:15 Lightning Talks IOGrind: locating I/O performance problems Michael Meeks
15:20-15:35 Lightning Talks Zapcat: monitoring Java applications Kees Jan Koster
15:40-15:55 Lightning Talks Terracotta: network attached memory for the JVM Geert Bevin
16:00-16:15 Lightning Talks Dacco: open source dictionaries Carles Pina i Estany
16:20-16:35 Lightning Talks Indywiki: visually browsing wikipedia pages Markos Gogoulos
16:40-16:55 Lightning Talks Kettle: extracting, transforming and loading data Matt Casters
17:00-17:15 Lightning Talks Alfresco: fresh document management approach Philippe Dubois
17:20-17:35 Lightning Talks Stylebase for Eclipse: sharing software architectural models Katja Henttonen
17:40-17:55 Lightning Talks Bongo Project: simple e-mail and calendar server Andrew Wafaa
18:00-18:15 Lightning Talks XMMS2: redesign of the XMMS music player Tobias Rundstroem
18:20-18:35 Lightning Talks OpenAFS: cross-platform enterprise class distributed filesystem Simon Wilkinson
18:40-18:55 Lightning Talks Squeak: modern development environment for Smalltalk. Damien Pollet
Sunday 2008-02-24
When Track Event Speaker
09:20-09:35 Lightning Talks CloudBridges: bridging social networks Edwin Taylor
09:40-09:55 Lightning Talks Sepia: metadata based file browser Peter Rullmann
10:00-10:15 Lightning Talks Ganeti: virtual cluster management tool Guido Trotter
10:20-10:35 Lightning Talks Mamona: completely open source SDK for Maemo Kees Jongenburger
10:40-10:55 Lightning Talks View-OS: partial virtualisation Renzo Davoli
11:00-11:15 Lightning Talks Hildon App. Manager: package management for Internet Tablets Marius Vollmer
11:20-11:35 Lightning Talks Foresight Linux: a new paradigm in distro making Antonio Meireles
11:40-11:55 Lightning Talks Polippix: free software to protect basic rights and freedoms Niels Elgaard Larsen
12:00-14:00 Lightning Talks KeySigning Party Wouter Verhelst
14:00-14:15 Lightning Talks tangoGPS: from Gtk development to Openmoko app. Marcus Bauer
14:20-14:35 Lightning Talks Wir3D: visual network scanner Maciek Kolbusz
14:40-14:55 Lightning Talks K-3D: 3D modeling and animation package Bart Janssens
15:00-15:15 Lightning Talks MySQL Proxy: monitor, analyze and transform queries Jan Kneschke
15:20-15:35 Lightning Talks Archetype: structural JavaScript Framework Florian Traverse
15:40-15:55 Lightning Talks Ajatus: offline Ajax-driven P2P CRM app Jerry Jalava
16:00-16:15 Lightning Talks Minerva: house automation suite Steven Goodwin
16:20-16:35 Lightning Talks BluePad: from cell phone to remote bluetooth controller Valerio Valerio
16:40-16:55 Lightning Talks Coherence: a DLNA/UPnP framework Frank Scholz
17:00-17:15 Lightning Talks GGZ Gaming Zone: Multiplayer gaming framework Josef Spillner
17:20-17:35 Lightning Talks Project Indiana: towards a free OpenSolaris LiveCD Stefan Schneider