FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Schedule: Sepia: metadata based file browser

Peter Rullmann
Day Sunday
Room Ferrer
Start time 09:40
End time 09:55
Duration 00:15
Event type Lightning-Talk
Track Lightning Talks
Language English
Slides (PDF)
Video (Ogg/Theora)
Sepia: metadata based file browser

In my Talk, I plan to:

  • give a general overview of the project,
  • show how you can create a music folder and define some virtual folders and
  • explain the sparse folder tree for navigation.

(Meta) Sepia is a new file browser that adapts to the current folder and makes heavy use of metadata. It integrates features like (mass) tagging, virtual folders, metadata search and directory/file-specific views and actions. These features are all well known from domain specific file browsers like F-Spot or Amarok and are now usable for all files. While designing the user interface, I developed a new navigational widget: the sparse folder tree. It displays places, where you will likely want to go to next and presents them in a tree. It replaces the normal folder tree with expanders, the history, the places sidebar, bookmarks and the button-based location bar, like they all exist in nautilus. It turned out to be very useful and I described it in my blog at (Meta) Sepia is written in Ruby with Ruby-GNOME2 and uses (Meta) Tracker as indexing backend and metadata storage. Just recently, I switched from Qt to Gtk and I havn't finished all features yet. So, the program is still to be considered alpha and there is plenty of bugfixing and polishing to do. I hope to get a beta version out before FOSSDEM'08.