Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


44 Schedule Amendments

The Quantum Computing devoom on Saturday and the Kotlin room on Sunday have moved to UA2.118 (Henriot).

Event Speakers Room Day Start End

Databases (1)

AMENDMENT LumoSQL - Experiments with SQLite, LMDB and more
SQLite is justly famous, but also has well-known limitations
Dan Shearer K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 18:00 18:50

Freedom (2)

CANCELLED United Nations Technology and Innovation Labs
Open Source isn't just eating the world, it's changing it
UD2.Corridor Saturday 18:00 18:50
AMENDMENT Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet
A Guide & Commiseration Session for FOSS activists
Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler Janson Sunday 14:00 14:50

Lightning Talks (3)

AMENDMENT Weblate: open-source continuous localization platform
How to bring your project closer to its users with localization platform that doesn’t bother anyone with manual work.
Michal Čihař H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:40 13:55
AMENDMENT Regaining sovereignty over your router
Router freedom
Lucas Lasota H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:00 10:15
AMENDMENT Open Source - Killing standards organizations or saving them
Open source and standards join forces for mutual benefit
Charles Eckel H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:40 11:55

Coding for Language Communities devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Weblate! Localize your project the developer way: continously, flawlessly, community driven, and open-source
Don’t bother your development process with manual work. Connect Weblate to your VCS and let the localization magic happen.
Michal Čihař AW1.120 Saturday 17:00 18:00

Containers devroom (1)

CANCELLED A way of GPU virtualization for container Shengbo Song UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 18:35 19:00

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment devroom (2)

AMENDMENT Advancing the Future of CI/CD Together
How the Continuous Delivery Foundation is working to advance CI/CD
Tracy Miranda UB4.136 Sunday 12:00 12:15
AMENDMENT How secure is your build/server?
a story of packages and trust
Patrick Debois UB4.136 Sunday 16:25 17:00

Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom (3)

AMENDMENT Almonit: Decentralized Websites and Web Services Eyal Ron UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 09:10 09:20
AMENDMENT Android Content Providers for the Web
Using decentralized storage to share data between apps
Friedger Müffke UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 09:30 09:40
AMENDMENT Open and federated identities with ID4me
An alternative to "sign in with Facebook"
Vittorio Bertola UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 11:00 11:30

Free Software Radio devroom (2)

AMENDMENT Channel Equalization using GNU Radio
compensating for impairments in the wireless channel, and extensions to existing GNU Radio functionality
Josh Morman AW1.120 Sunday 10:00 10:30
AMENDMENT The Space Operations Facility of FH Aachen (FHASOF)
The role of freely available and open-source software in the daily operations
Sacha Tholl, Hannah Walther AW1.120 Sunday 14:30 15:00

Free Tools and Editors devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Just-in-Time Programming
Considering Liveness in Java
Neil C Smith UD2.119 Sunday 13:15 13:35

Graph Systems and Algorithms devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Raphtory: Streaming analysis of distributed temporal graphs Ben Steer AW1.121 Saturday 17:55 18:15

Graphics devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Nouveau Status update
The overdue Nouveau status update talk.
Karol Herbst K.4.401 Saturday 13:00 14:00

Hardware Enablement devroom (1)

AMENDMENT How to run Linux on RISC-V
with open hardware and open source FPGA tools
Drew Fustini K.4.401 Sunday 11:00 11:55

Hardware-aided Trusted Computing devroom (6)

AMENDMENT Be secure with Rust & Intel SGX Jethro G. Beekman K.4.601 Saturday 10:40 11:15
AMENDMENT The Confidential Consortium Framework
A framework to build secure, highly available, and performant applications that focus on multi-party compute and data
Amaury Chamayou K.4.601 Saturday 11:20 11:55
AMENDMENT EActors: an actor-based programming framework for Intel SGX Vasily A. Sartakov K.4.601 Saturday 12:00 12:35
AMENDMENT A Tale of Two Worlds: Assessing the Vulnerability of Enclave Shielding Runtimes Jo Van Bulck K.4.601 Saturday 12:40 13:15
AMENDMENT HOWTO build a product with OP-TEE Rouven Czerwinski K.4.601 Saturday 13:20 13:55
Running unmodified Linux applications inside Intel SGX's enclaves
Thiago Zagatti K.4.601 Saturday 14:00 14:30

Infra Management devroom (2)

AMENDMENT Introduction to Ansible collections
Ansible collections, The future of Ansible content delivery
Abhijeet Kasurde, Ganesh Nalawade UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 12:30 12:55
AMENDMENT Designing for Failure
Fault Injection, Circuit Breakers and Fast Recovery
Walter Heck UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 13:00 13:25

JavaScript devroom (2)

AMENDMENT JavaScript lightning talks Ludovic Gasc H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:00 12:25
AMENDMENT JavaScript on Microcontrollers Niels Leenheer H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:30 12:55

Kotlin devroom (2)

AMENDMENT Modern asynchronism with coroutines
Presentation and best practices of the coroutines framework
Geoffrey Métais UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 11:30 11:55
AMENDMENT From Swagger to Kotlin via Gradle
Generating your network code has never been so easy
Nicola Corti UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 15:00 15:35

Mozilla devroom (2)

AMENDMENT A Mozilla IoT Forecast thats Sunny and Clear -- No Clouds!
WebThings by Mozilla
Philippe Coval UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 14:30 14:55
AMENDMENT Generate a DeepSpeech model with the help of your community
How to get fun with teamwork
Daniele Scasciafratte UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 15:00 15:25

Open Research Tools and Technologies devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Transforming scattered analyses into a documented, reproducible and shareable workflow Sébastien Rochette AW1.126 Saturday 16:30 17:00

Open Source Computer Aided Modeling and Design devroom (1)

Transparent file size reduction for STEP model files
Seth Hillbrand H.2213 Saturday 15:50 16:10

Quantum Computing devroom (3)

AMENDMENT Quantum Game with Photons: Tensors in TypeScript, Visualized Piotr Migdal UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 15:30 15:55
AMENDMENT Simulating noisy quantum devices with QuTiP Boxi Li UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:00 16:25
A tiny qubit duel game
Thomas Storwick, Kelly Zheng UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:30 16:55

Real Time Communications devroom (2)

AMENDMENT RTC: A sea of opportunities
Advancing our field together through closer collaboration
Ruben Homs UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 12:00 12:20
AMENDMENT Jitsi: video conferencing for the privacy minded
Journalists, tinkerers, privacy concerned netizens, Jitsi may help you!
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 14:40 15:00

Security devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Custom Crypto Policies by Examples
Management of crypto algorithm restrictions
Tomáš Mráz UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 11:00 11:25

Software Defined Storage devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Rook Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes
Overview and what is new about Rook
Alexander Trost H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:20 12:55

Testing and Automation devroom (1)

CANCELLED Testing apps with third-party API integrations Carolyn Stransky (carostran) UB2.147 Saturday 17:00 17:10

Virtualization and IaaS devroom (1)

AMENDMENT In Memory of our Friend, Lars Kurth Ian Jackson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:45 10:00

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