Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Sacha Tholl

Photo of Sacha Tholl

I work as a teacher assistant at the Institute of space Technology of the University of Applied Sciences of Aachen and am the head of the FH Aachen Space Operations Facility, a multi-mission earth station that performs shadow tracking and TT&C for amateur radio satellites and University CubeSats.

My first access to satellite communications and dev. operations began with the WREN space program, the first 1p-Pocketqube satellite which made it into space for which I became the project leader in 2012. Later I was designated as a flight director for the Compass-2 Mission by Prof. Bernd Dachwald. After that mission, Prof. Bernd Dachwald offered me the position of head of FHASOF-Team and an extern teaching assistant position at FH-Aachen.



Title Day Room Track Start End
AMENDMENT The Space Operations Facility of FH Aachen (FHASOF)
The role of freely available and open-source software in the daily operations
Sunday AW1.120 Free Software Radio 14:30 15:00