Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020



FOSDEM welcomes all free software and open source developers! While we don't own the university campus and have little control over its accessibility, we have tried to find ways for developers with physical limitations to make the most of the event.

Visual or auditory needs

For people with visual or auditory needs, marked places near the speaker are available in the following rooms:

Wheelchair and limited mobility needs

There is a limited number of reserved car park spaces available.

All signposted routes between buildings are step-free, unless indicated otherwise (with a set of steps). If the route is not step-free, there will be an accessible route nearby, indicated with signs (look for the elevator or wheelchair signs).

Almost all rooms can be accessed without stairs, except for some devrooms in AW:

We film all talks, so if you wish to follow what is going on in both rooms, make your way to one of the hacker rooms (H building), whip out the headphones and head to

All other rooms and buildings can be accessed without the use of stairs, allthough sometimes a little detour might be needed. We'll put up signs to make sure you do not get lost. This holds especially for the following locations.

At, you will find our on-campus route planner. It has an option for avoiding stairs. All routes calculated with this option set should be wheelchair and limited mobility accessible.

Accessibility contact

All FOSDEM staff members (yellow shirts) and volunteers (orange shirts) should be able to help you find accessible routes around the campus.

Suggestions welcome

We welcome your ideas for improving accessibility at FOSDEM. Please email them to